Monday, September 11

Mongolia's Prince Ganjuuryn Dschero Khan

Prince Ganjuuryn Dschero Khan
Recently we received an online inquiry about Prince Ganjuuryn Dschero Khan (see image), a person of Netherlands and Taiwanese origin that was:

born officially at 28.08.1928 in Ulan Buha in the aristocracy lineage of the Bordschigin from the trunk of the Koko Mangchol in Mongolia. As one says, with blood at the hands.

This reaches the level of eccentricity of the paronoid Sheikh falcon hunter by the name of Parrot



At Thu Sep 21, 02:23:00 AM ULAST, Anonymous Ariel said...

What's that? "koko Mangchol?" Is that supposed to be interpretted as "Khokh Mongol" = "Blue Mongol" or something...? (Is this a weird reference to the "children of the blue wolf" as Mongols called themselves in the old days -- or the "son of the blue sky" which has variously been debated as the derivation of Chingis from "tenger"...?)

Yes, ludicrous indeed.

And how does this indiviual of half-Dutch heritage claim to be a 'Mongolian prince?'

Is he saying he is a Chinggisid of the Golden Family (those descended from Chingis Khaan directly)? Ha-ha-ha! Even in Mongolia people don't make such absurd claims.

Just another nut-case trying to cash in on the current (fleeting most likely) popularity of Mongolia. ;-)

At Wed Oct 11, 10:24:00 PM ULAT, Anonymous Amgalan said...

Hi Guido Verboom,

From your articles it seems that you have a profound knowledge about Mongolia though you are a foreigner (i assume). I was hoping whether you might know any other expats that are looking for a place to stay in UB? Tnx

Looking forward to hear from you soon!!



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